What to Bring

When packing and planning remember that storage space on most yachts is limited, so bring the necessities and leave behind what you can. One needn't pack bulky items such as towels as they will be provided on the yacht.

The rule of thumb is to pack your suitcase and then take half of it out!

Ideally bring several swimsuits, shorts, one sweatshirt or similar for cool evenings plus one nice dress/short and long pants for guys for a special evening ashore Soft luggage or duffle-type bags that can be folded for storage are ideal at sea. Hard pieces are always a burden to store, so if they can be avoided, you'll please the entire crew and find more room for everyone aboard.

Hard soled shoes are not permitted on most yachts. In fact, most yachts will request that you go barefoot to keep the decks clean and not track sand and dirt through the boat. If you feel the need to wear shoes while on board, please bring pair of rubber sandals or shoes with lightly-coloured soles for exclusive use as 'deck shoes' with another pair for shore side excursions.